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Oh the Colors!


The Progress!

Heres the wip, I think I'm done inking. Next is the fun part. oooh yeah. Can we say texture?


Okay, I thought I lost this, but here it is! My pride and joy! First digital painting!

By the way, I feel better.

Upcoming project.

Okay, time to start to take my mind of things so waht do I do? PROJECT TIME> OH NO!
Oh yes my friends.

This is an image I'm working on that I hope I can meet the deadline to enter it. Cause, you know I'm slick like that.

This is a battle scene from another project. It's called.... *coughthelpmestephincoughCouhg*

At first this was going to be an inked piece of work, but seeing how I'm lazy.. I mean skilled with the pen tool, I plan on just doing it all digital, since the project itself will be all digitally masters. Cause, I'm awesome.

In my mind anyhow.

SOOOOooo Help me.

I'm in one of those, omg My student loans are going to be coming up soon and I still don't have my car paid off and this huge credit card bill moment. SO I was thinking that I was going to see if anyone out there would want to do a commission with me? Some say I am a good artist. So I'm told. heh.

Is this something I should try? I need feedback.

Your pitiful friend,


Woah.. I still have a live journal.


I had a great spring break. Spent my time with friends and loved ones. Even got to shoot a few. hah. You know who you are. I didn't do as much art as I wanted, but, I learned a new skill! Wire wrapping, I took a fun class with a lady named Shirly who showed me the art of wrapping wire. heh. I'll post some photos later.

Going to try to sell stuff....again...

Great time in Austin. Wish I could have been there longer. I was not ready for that craptastic drive back.

Had a great experience today. For most of the weekend we'd been smelling gas or something in the car. Well, today, I had my boss, a car guy, look at my baby. WELL. Surprise was there! The guys at NTB ( I think that's what it was called) didn't put the cap on where they poured the oil. In fact it was totally unscrewed and upside down. NOT HOW IT"S SUPPOSE TO BE. So, needless to say, I've lost some oil and I am angry. So I called the guys and very politely, I'm not mean. (lol) Complained. They gave me a free oil change next time I come in. Part of me is like score, yet, another half is going Hhhheeeelllll no. I dunno. I may and then just double check them.

Roller Skating to Your Heart!

Okay, what the hell LJ.

I had a post but it went the way of the do do! Take that. I'm not retyping it all.

Roller Skating to Your Heart!

Apr. 14th, 2009

Something that I finished today! You can see it bigger at www.artisticmccullough.com   :)

Arrrgghh h Damn you Twilight Princess! 

curse you fishing!!

I need help!  : (

Edit:  I owned that fish.  I hate fishing in real life and in video games!